Insights and inspiration for small business marketing.


Insights and inspiration for small business marketing.

Paid Search Basics

Get your ads to the top, fast!

For a good short-term boost to traffic, or the peace of mind that your ads always show up on the first page of Google, try Paid Search Ads.

You can be at the top of Google results within hours, if you want to pay for it.

Google Paid Ads can get your business more exposure, fast. Using the Google Ads system, you can quickly reach people searching for your products or services, or even create more brand recognition to a targeted audience. It is essentially an ‘auction’ system where the highest bidder is at the top.

You only pay when people click on your ad. Google keeps a credit card on file and bills in increments depending on your budget and spend.

To begin, there are several special settings for campaigns to help you target the right kind of searches. You can define the location your ads will show, right down to your own neighborhood. You can also set a schedule of when you want ads to show, which devices you want to prioritize and what your budget is. Conversion tracking can be set up so you can see how your ads are performing.

Start by doing some brainstorming about who you want to reach, and why. Think about what kinds of offers and information your potential customers respond to. Examine your marketing budget and determine how much you want to spend every month.

Google Paid Ads Basics for Small Business by a Certified Google Ads Manager in Michigan -

The trifecta of Paid Search elements: Keywords, Ad Messages and Landing Pages.

All of these elements must be on-point, and aligned to get the best results.

I call it a Trifecta because each of these 3 parts contributes to your overall quality score for each keyword. The better the quality score, the higher your ads can rank and the lower the cost-per-click will be.


  • Research the best words and phrases for your products or services using the Google Keyword Planner
  • Add negative keywords to eliminate searches you don’t want
  • Determine your bid for each keyword according to your strategy and budget
  • Use keyword match types to further target the best searches

Ad Messages

  • Use keywords in ads
  • Write relevant ads that speak to your target audience
  • Include a strong call to action, such as a special offer
  • Use Ad Extensions for additional ad text space
  • Do competitor research to stand out from the crowd

Landing Pages

  • The page on your site that people will link to is ultimately what gets the lead
  • Incorporate keywords and info from ad messages into your page
  • Include the same or similar call to action
  • Don’t forget to set up conversion tracking on your site!
Jen Lorenski, Website Designer, SEO & Paid Search Expert in Grand Rapids MI -

Purple Jen

I’ve worked in marketing, strategy, SEO and paid search for nearly 20 years, and as a freelance website designer for 8 years. My approach to web marketing: strategize. maximize. analyze. repeat. came from learning about my own personal strengths. Not only were they my Strength Finder talents, but together they create a solid, simplified approach to successful marketing. I like to write about that stuff here, and share my knowledge to help fellow small business owners achieve more, and see the world through purple colored glasses. Jen Lorenski