Insights and inspiration for small business marketing.


Insights and inspiration for small business marketing.

17 Website Content Ideas for Small Business

Get your message out there!

Content is king when it comes to good SEO rank.

But it’s not always easy to come up with ideas for things to write about. Here are some of our favorites that are relatively easy for small businesses to create.

Adding new content to your website regularly is key to good SEO.

Google wants to show people relevant, fresh information to the topics they are searching for. The better your content, the more recently it is published and the easier it is for users to understand, the better your organic SEO rank will be!

But staring at a blank screen, trying to write an article isn’t the easiest, and isn’t necessarily the most effective form of content either.

We encourage you to switch things up, get creative and publish information that your customers will appreciate.

Share your knowledge with the world! Here are 17 ways you can make it happen, without writing a thousand words.

“Google wants fresh, relevant, user-friendly content. For better organic SEO, give it to them.”

17 Content Ideas for Small Business that help improve SEO ranking -
  • Infographics

    A graphical representation of a complex concept can make it easier for readers to visualize your products, services, benefits, features and other information. Check out some infographic examples here.

  • Blog Posts

    Short articles about information related to your products, services, industry or local area allow you to continually add content, in short bursts. Here are some blog topic ideas.

  • FAQ

    Create a webpage with answers to questions that you hear from your customers regularly (Frequently Asked Questions). You probably already know most of them!

  • Photo Gallery

    Think of it like a portfolio of your work! If you are constantly doing new projects, take a quick photo as you’re finishing and add it to a gallery page of your website! Here’s one we did recently for a client.

  • Resources

    If your industry, products or services has a lot of ‘moving parts’, put together a list of resources for your customers to get great information! This puts you out there as an expert in your field. Check out this list of SEO resources as an example.

  • Short Videos

    Videos are exploding all over the internet because most people prefer to watch a video about a topic, rather than read an article about it. They are visual learners, and you can help them by creating short videos! They don’t need to be fancy, and you can probably make them using your phone and a free video editing program.

  • Company News

    If your business is always moving and doing great things, tell people about it! Create a page on your website with recent news such as new products, staffing changes, new clients and anything you want the world to know.

  • Manufacturer Content

    Chances are, the manufacturers that provide your materials have websites that already have a ton of great information. Use that to your advantage! While you shouldn’t plagiarize their content (Google will penalize you for it), you can paraphrase and put your own spin on it. You can typically use their graphics too, as long as you link back to their sites (that helps their SEO too).

  • Industry Links

    Your industry likely has associations, publications and its own set of experts that have a lot to say. Choose some of the best, create a summary of the information, and link back to their original articles for an easy way to add some meaningful content to your own site.

  • Charts

    Create a chart that compares your products and services to help buyers make the best decision. Or compare your business to the competition and demonstrate how you’re better! Here is a great example on a site built by Purple Gen.

  • Option Comparisons

    Speaking of charts, help your customers understand their options by creating a simple comparison! You could use a chart format, a graphic with illustrations or even a full webpage that lays everything out.

  • Event Calendar

    If you have special events, exclusive sales or limited-time deals, set up an event calendar on your website, and even Facebook page! Help people see what’s coming up with a WordPress® plug in like The Events Calendar.

  • Timeline

    Have you been in business for decades? Or is there a process you’d like to highlight for customers, such as a project plan for a major project? Use a timeline! Showcase the progression of nearly anything, easily.

  • Special Offers

    A great way to spur some new inquiries from potential customers is to create a page for Special Offers on your website. People love a great deal, and if you can give it to them, by all means, do so! Here is an example of monthly specials from Emerald Leisure Source.

  • Client Reviews

    Do your customers love you? Do they leave you great reviews on Google or Facebook? Add them to your website! You could put them all on a single page, like Klein Dentistry, or scatter them throughout your website on the most important pages.

  • Case Studies

    If your product or service solves specific problems, show potential customers how you’ve helped others. Use a case study to illustrate the problem, solution and its benefits. They don’t need to be long or complicated, but should clearly demonstrate the solutions you provide. Here is a great example from Remke Industries.

  • Social Media Feeds

    Do you have an active Facebook or Instagram page? You can embed it right into your website! Not only does it give readers some great additional content, but helps you get more likes and follows on your pages too! GR Lash Boutique does it on the bottom of every webpage.

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